Landlord & Tenant

Many of us now own “buy to let” properties – be it as an investment, for our retirement, as a business or even as a hobby!

Becoming a landlord creates duties. To the unwary, it can be a minefield. But it need not be, with dgb Solicitors as your legal adviser. We can help you if you are a new landlord or even if you are more experienced with a property portfolio.

Our team of specialist property solicitors can help you with:

  • Landlord and tenant agreements – letting agreements;
  • How to protect a tenant’s deposit in a Government approved scheme;
  • What the law says about providing a tenant with an energy performance certificate;
  • Who is responsible for repairs, the safety of gas and electric appliances; and
  • How to, legally, end a tenancy, evict your tenant or deal with any other tenancy dispute you have with them.

Also please do not forget to tell your buildings insurance company you have let out your property. If you do not, they may not pay out if you make a claim for any damage your tenant causes.

Our Property Solicitors are ready now to offer you legal advice. Please do get in contact to arrange an appointment.

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