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Wills & Estate Planning

It is estimated around two out of three people do not have a will.  Where no will is made, an individual’s assets are shared under rules determined by law and the process is more complex and expensive.

Will writing

Making a will protects your assets and gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how your estate will be dealt with after your death.  A will can also be used to minimise tax.

Our specialist team of wills and probate solicitors give personalised and clear advice on wills to suit our clients’ particular wishes and circumstances.  We have expertise in drafting clear and accurate wills as well as complex wills for those with high value estates, businesses or circumstances that need trust arrangements.

Once created, your will should be reviewed regularly.  Legal and tax rules may change as might your personal and financial circumstances.

Estate planning

We understand that individuals’ estates can vary hugely in complexity and value.  For those clients who need it we can provide estate/inheritance tax planning advice and explore methods of passing on assets and wealth to future generations to minimise tax and provide security.

Trusts usually play an important part in this process.  A trust can be a flexible way of giving assets to beneficiaries where you may not wish them to take control immediately.  Similarly, a trust can be a way of making a gift to various beneficiaries but leaving the decision about how it is distributed between them to a later date, when it may be clearer who should benefit.  Trusts are often an important way of providing security for vulnerable or potentially vulnerable beneficiaries.

We pride ourselves on being able to help our clients with careful inheritance tax advice.  We simplify complex matters wherever possible and liaise with other professional advisers where needed, to provide you with tailored solutions.

Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs)

We recognise just how important it is you plan for what may happen if you become ill or cannot make decisions yourself.

Our specialist team of probate solicitors in this field can advise on and draft lasting powers of attorney (LPA).  They allow you to set out, in advance, who can decide about your affairs should you ever be unable to.  You can make an LPA about your property and financial affairs and your personal welfare and life sustaining treatment.  We also advise on and can apply, where needed, to court to register your LPA or older enduring powers of attorney.

If you are an attorney under an LPA or enduring power of attorney, we can advise you on your role.  We can also help you with any applications you may need to make to court.

We also manage clients’ property and financial affairs.  Our wills and probate clients regularly choose our partners as attorneys for their professional expertise.

If somebody becomes incapable of managing their affairs without having an LPA or enduring power of attorney, someone usually needs to apply to court to be appointed as a deputy.  We are experienced at handling these applications.

Our expertise extends to advice and help with long-term care issues and asset protection.  Our specialist solicitors located at our accessible offices in Chatham, Kent can guide you through all the implications to secure the right solutions for you.

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